Monday, January 28, 2013

The Great Gardener

Last week I planted some sweet onions starting from the bulbs. In one week I have seen incredible growth. It's very interesting how I, their gardener, can look out on them and see how far they've come since I planted them, but observers separated from the process don't see the growth nor feel the excitement like I do. Every time I look out on them I smile because I'm just so elated and tickled by their progress, something which, in return, affirms and encourages me as their gardener.

What incredible insight into our Gardener. When He looks on us He doesn't focus on what we have not yet fully become, but rejoices in the growth that is so very obvious to Him; growth that we are, all too often, oblivious of within ourselves. But God, the Perfect Gardener and our Creator, is so involved in our journey and so pleased at our growth. Size is really not of much consequence to Him. He knows the end result and knowing the end result does not deminish the joy to be had in the journey. I know that in the end I will have an onion, the size of which will be significantly more impressive than the small green shoots that exist now, but it doesn't matter; I am excited to see it becoming an onion. And our Creator is excited to see us becoming who we were meant to be, rejoicing over every "little" growth that makes us who we are.

If we truly understood how our Creator looked on us, how would that change how we live and love? Instead of beating ourselves up everyday over all that we are not, if we learned to delight in the journey and take joy in the growth; what affect would that have? Instead of waiting for what we will become, receiving the blessing of our Creator's pleasure in who we are and how far we have come at that moment in His gaze?

Did you know that to gaze means to look intently and steadily, especially in admiration, surprise or thought? Did you know that's how He looks at you?


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  1. That last line, "Did you know that's how He looks at you?" left me speechless. God really spoke through you to me in this post. Thanks for being an encouragement.