Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thoughts Behind 'How He Loves'

Recently I just recorded my own version of How He Loves. It's a very popular song originally written by John Mark McMillan. (If you would like to hear the story behind why he wrote this song, Click Here) It's the first release of what I hope will be partnered with a small worship EP I'm planning to record.

The cover art carries a story that I don't want to pass on without sharing. One day I came outside to see the makings of a gorgeous sunset. The sky was very pretty, but it's beauty was not so irresistible that I felt obligated to run and grab my camera (as I had felt so many other evenings before). Some time later I glanced out the window and saw how the colors had progressed and at that moment I had to run and capture the moment, it was too beautiful to pass up. That's when I had a revelation. God does not find one moment more beautiful than another, it's the total sum of all moments that He loves and that's how He loves us. He doesn't pick and choose moments by which to define the means and the measure of His love. He loves us simply because we are just as He most complexly is. He looks at the whole display and unfolding of our life and finds it totally and exquisitely beautiful.


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