Monday, January 30, 2012

Justice Drawing Challenge Intro & Day 1: Hunger

 At the beginning of the year I made a Justice Drawing Challenge that would last 30 days, each day having to draw a different justice issue. I put off doing it myself, at first, because I had just recently finished the 30 Day Drawing Challenge and had other demands on my creativity, but right now I'm reading a book by Patrick Dodson called The Identity Project and it gave me a shock back into gear.

 In Chapter 3, he dives into loving your neighbor as yourself and what that means. He then asked some very specific questions at the end of the chapter asking what you were doing now to love your neighbors as yourself and what you could do to start doing that today. I thought back to this drawing challenge that I had created in the beginning of the year and decided that it was something I need to do. I have given my life to seeking justice for the those who lack it and to speak on behalf of those whose voices cannot be heard. Working for justice brings out the best in me and draws every part of my identity into symmetry, especially my passion for art. 

 So for the next 30 days I'll be posting drawings of different justice issues. I encourage you to share them, research them, discuss them and draw your own; in fact I not only encourage you to do so, I beg of you to do so. The more we circulate things that raise awareness, the more we can wipe out ignorance and step closer to change. Are you with me?

Day 1: Hunger [approximately 25,000 people die everyday from hunger-related causes]

For more information on world hunger and how you can help go to


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